Rabbit Holes

Sometimes it’s good to fall down the rabbit hole and write about what you find down in the dark. Today I was listening to someone retelling me a traumatic event from five years ago. The pain was as clear and vivid today as it was then. I walked beside them through the day, feeling and seeing everything they did as if it was yesterday, or if it was just in the next room. Pain like that doesn’t diminish in time. Just as grief can’t be eroded. If you’re lucky you learn to grow round it. Nature adapts and evolves.


And sometimes in the dark, you find something life affirming.

(2 week old puppies)



My ribs hurt with each breath. 

And amongst this broken sadness,

There’s a flutter of something else. 

A tiny flame of love? Lust?

Two opposing emotions,

Pleasure and pain,

Beating together. 

And this bruised heart,

Is slowly trying to unfurl again. 

Catch The Light

I couldn’t breathe this morning. 

A part of me is still so crushed. 

So I went and got lost in the world,

Putting my time into life. 

Living. Loving. 

To keep growing higher and stronger. 

A tree doesn’t mourn a dead branch. 

It focuses on its flowers,

And leaves to catch the light.