Washed Away

The tingle you get,

From the sound of rain,

Do you feel it too? 

Do you close your eyes,

And listen to each drop?

There’s a vibration,

That echoes in my blood;

I’m pulled away,

To a memory I can’t quite see,

But feel with my whole body. 

I Write To You

I write to you,

Amongst the ebb and flow of rain, 

Ink to catch a storm. 

The candles flicker,

In time to its beat,

Caught up in the moment too. 

And I wonder if the stars,

Will bend closer to join this dance. 

Brush Against Her


Night’s darkness had woken her up,

A promise of rain hung in the air.

There was a taste of water,

In the back of her throat,

When all she really wanted was wine.

Every touch,

Left her bruised,

But she wouldn’t stop,

Letting the world brush against her.