Free Like The Wind

She lay watching the clouds race,
Gusts of wind loosening her hair,
And tugging at her clothes.
It whispered, teasingly in her ear,
About the countries it had been to,
Places still to be seen.
To be explored.
And she wanted to follow.

This week the prompt from Carry On Tuesday is “Who has seen the wind? Neither I or you:” – by Christina Rossetti.

I do love playing in the wind.

Hold The Light

Never doubt yourself,
Or hide away.
Look for the positive.
The adventure.
Cut the time wasters,
From your life.
Hold the light,
Not the dancing shadows
It casts.
For you are beautiful.



This week the Carry On Tuesday’s prompt was “Life isn’t about what happens to you, it’s about how you handle what happens.” a line from The Smoke Jumper by Nicolas Evans.

In The Hands Of A Friend


In the hands of a friend,
Is the heart of this woman.
Two listening ears,
No judgement made.
When you look into their eyes,
You see the truth.
Arms open wide,
To hold you close.
They love you regardless,
Without the need to change you.
This is my true friend.
To treasure,
To fight for,
To always be there when they need you.
For friends, good friends,
Are rare.
And I love mine dearly.

This week Carry On Tuesday’s prompt was Aristotle’s question “what is a friend?” So this is a poem to dedicated to my best friends. The ones who have been there for me no matter what. Who give me a place to run to when I need to escape. They know my secrets, mop up the tears, build me back up, then push me back out into the world. I love them with all my heart.

When Somebody Loves You

You crept under my skin,
Tattooed your name on my heart,
And I fell.
I’m still falling.
You’re not just somebody,
Your name is on my every breath.
I will be there to catch the stars,
Just to glimpse your smile.
Stay awake all night,
To guard the demons from your door.
Let you go,
Because I can’t make you happy.
You will break my heart,
But I can’t change,
My love for you.
This week Carry On Tuesday’s prompt was the lyric “When Somebody Loves You.”

There Is A Box


There is a box,

Our favourite things,

Not wanted any more.

Too painful in this light.

Generic teddy;


Twee card filled with empty words.

Your tokens to me.

It’s a fine line,

But without the dust of love,

They’ve lost their magic,

Their glow.

And so have I.



This week Carry On Tuesday’s lyric prompt was “A few of my favourite things”. Still not sure how I managed to take a happy upbeat song about fluffy kittens and come out with this…