Time’s Up 

There’s a friend who is slowly fading from my life. People dip in and out of your world, that’s normal, but I can’t ignore that he only texts and calls late at night/ early hours of the morning. 

Last night was interesting. He text that I only had him for 20 minutes as he travelled home. Normally this would make me scramble for dazzling words to try and hold his attention. To make my touch on his life so amazing that he wouldn’t want to lose it. So he’d come back. I’m insecure round him like that. Then he said he could easily leave me to it, if I wasn’t interested in chatting. He knows I enjoy talking to him. Seeing his world; I tell him that often enough. But not like this. Squeezed into dark corners. I like him in my life. But I can’t turn myself inside out to play this game he seems to have set out. To just be his entertainment when he’s bored. I know he could leave me to it. He does it often enough. Maybe it’s the words he used. The way I’ve been hurt too much this year. So I wasn’t sad when he said ‘your time’s up lol’
I think that’s very true. It is up. And that’s ok. I’ve been learning to let go. 


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