I thought I saw you last night on Halloween. A shadow who crossed my path. Did you see me, look and walk quickly on? I almost called out your name because I wasn’t sure, but I bit my tongue instead. What would it fix? I didn’t want to talk, just curiosity to know if I was right. In the light of day, I’m sure it wasn’t, just the man who looks frighteningly like you, but it got me thinking.

We cut ties when we leave each others lives. The process changes us. I’m not the person  you knew either. We live in a world filled with past ghosts, old echoes of the person we once were. You leave a version behind in the death of past relationship. A past friendship. You’re reborn as a hopefully improved, wiser self.  So next time you see one of these shadows, ignore it. There’s nothing there for you.

You are a past echo that no longer exists in my reality.





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