Love Isn’t A Competition

Love shouldn’t be a competition or a threat.

Never be scared or apologise for loving someone,

Whoever they are.

You can love someone with all your soul,

Because of who you are with them,

How you see the world with them,

Without wanting to sleep with them.

And because people don’t get that,

Cheapen it,

We end up being shut out of friendships.

We lose our best friends because they’re the opposite sex.

Then the only thing we can do is mourn their living death,

And be grateful for the years we did have with them in our life.



One thought on “Love Isn’t A Competition

  1. Most of my close friends are women, there is always an attraction, of sorts, of mind, of kindness, of spirit, of fun, of random unpredictability, and yes of heart and soul; hugs and shrugs abound, kisses rare as is a too long touch, mischievous banter of course, but limits found by degree, by thought, by understanding, this to me is friendship, sex maybe an even rarer transient thought, a weakness, of a moment always caught, discarded for the nonsense it is, friendship, closeness, respect the sense of everything.

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