Sometimes when I read a persons words of love,

I wish they were writing them to me.

That I could inspire them in that way.

I know the words aren’t for me,

And that makes me a little sad.

But it’s still beautiful to know,

That there are people out there that feel,

And see the world in such a way.

And it helps me,

To see it like that again.

I Dance In The Rain





“You say you love the rain,

But you use an umbrella to walk under it.

You say you love the sun,

But you seek shelter when it’s shining.

You say you love the wind,

But when it comes you close your windows.

So that’s why I’m scared,

When you say you love me.” – Bob Marley

But I dance in the rain to feel it on my skin,

Sit in warm evening sun,

Letting it sink into my bones,

And let the wind play with my hair.

So believe me when I say,

I love you.