She Is The Freedom

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She is a storm that runs,

Twisting amongst life’s threads.

A beat to match your heart.

This girl,

Has the power to destroy,

But if you let go of fear,

You’ll see the calm,

That lifts you up and helps you fly.

She is the freedom,

To be yourself.

Of Life And World

(a yellow peace rose to symbolise friendship)

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Different languages to describe,

Our different worlds.

But somewhere in the overlap,

As they brush together,

We find a way,

To see and hear each other.

And it’s always beautiful expansion,

Of life and world.


Because Only An Ocean

A song about a serpent,

That made her dream about the sea.

Of slipping out her dress,

And letting the waves,

Slowly move up her body,

Until the water,

Lifts her feet from the sand,

And she became part of the ocean.

Because only an ocean could ever own her.