Arms Outstretched

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Today I took a path I’d passed for years, somewhere I’d promised myself I’d go and explore one day. Down the little alleyway, you know the kind..narrow, high sided and slightly overgrown. They always make me edgy, not much chance of escaping should you come across another person or people. And having been assaulted on a couple of occasions, I’m always checking escape routes. I knew roughly what was beyond, but it was still good when I popped out in a tucked away park with a really good playground I’ll take the wildanimals back to. I asked a lady walking her dog what was along the two footpaths, then set off, across fields, following the little track, past more dog walkers. There’s a freedom of not knowing where you are going, to decide as you get to forks in your route. You can’t plan ahead so you’re totally in the moment. I ended up next to the most amazing house and a main road. Retracing my steps a little (past another dog walker for the second time, he looked very confused to see me again), I headed deep into the woods. Sticking to main paths, I did notice smaller side ones I’ll have to explore another day. I was deliciously lost. Only not really lost, I knew roughly where I was, just it was undiscovered territory to me. The air was untouched by any memories and that’s what made it exciting. I felt light without old thoughts weighing down old steps. I love finding out what’s round the next corner, extending my world.

And I ran with my arms outstretched in places, feeling the air against my palms, as I touched the blank canvas.


photo (48)


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