Where Will It Take Me?

photo (10)



A shiver of a story

Half formed words

Sleepily starts to stir

And I hold my breath

Waiting to find out

Where it will take me

Pictures often spark off ideas, I fell in love with these hands. Wondering what their story is. That’s the beauty of imagination. Nothing is ever two dimensional. (found on tumblr this picture is not mine, credit on the original¬†¬†http://tmblr.co/ZZ9_Bs11h6Bts )

Duff Notes

I’ve just realised I haven’t posted on here since November…

Without you in my words I was scared they would become two dimensional. That without passion they would be flat. I lost the desire to string them together into banners or wrap them in boxes to give to you. The world lost it’s song.


But slowly I’m finding a new song. A new passion. I’m writing again with a new voice, so stick with me, there might be some duff notes, but I hope you still enjoy the music. x