The Moon

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The boy asked the girl what she wanted from him.

The girl silently took the moon from the sky and gave it to the boy. “I want you to hold the moon, so her light shows others what I see in you. So you see her radiance, beyond her faults and know that is how I see you. All I ask is that sometimes you show the moon to me, so that I am reminded beauty and love exists.”

Embrace the Battleship

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This morning, driving towards the rain, even with a hidden sun, lime greens and yellows glowed against a battleship grey sky. And it made me think about sadness. How we need some in our life to accent the beauty and magic of happiness. It’s a balance. Required to see the contrasts and appreciate our world. Talking with a writer friend, the conversation came round to how creative people are often consumed with emotion. How we embrace pain and hurt as much as we do joy, because it makes us better writers. And I think it makes me a better person. You care more about others, if you know what it’s like to suffer. So today I surrendered myself to the sadness I’ve been fighting, my breath caught as I drove through a tunnel of trees, light catching their edges, reminding me of stage wings. And I felt the centre of a play.

To My Cape


IMG_8441You’ve always been there

In the background

A message here

A picture there

A music link with just


And I’d imagine we’d dance together although apart

You’ve crept into my mind

And I’m daydreaming again

Watching the sky as I know you watch it

You understand and join in my crazy silly

I love making you laugh

Till you slide off the chair

Or sitting with you in silence

Lost in our own thoughts

But most of all I love that I feel wanted

I’m worthy of being with

And that makes me look up again.