I Found You Amongst The Music

Words in the music spark my thoughts.

I see you deep inside them.

The you behind all the masks.

Your heart.

Is that why you gave them to me?

So that I could find you?

Bread crumbs to your soul.

I looked.

Paid attention.

Because you are worth discovering.

You’d laugh at that.

You don’t think you are worth anything.

A lost soul,

Secretly hoping someone will find you.

Will see you as valuable,

Even though you are a mess.

We’re very alike like that.

And even if you didn’t mean to do it.

Mean for me to fall in love with you.

I did.

Here For You

I walk beside you in silence,

I know your heart,

Your demons.

I understand you better,

Then you understand yourself.

I’m waiting for you to find your own way,

The one I already can see.

Know that you are not alone,

I’ll always be here for you,

That you are loved unconditionally,

For you have the most amazing soul.