You Live And Breathe

photo (5)

The ones who touch your soul,

Who wake you from your sleep,

They will always be a part of you,

Even when you have let them go.

And the words you write,

Will always carry a tiny fragment of them.


You live and breathe in everything I write.


11 thoughts on “You Live And Breathe

  1. In it’s simplicity it draws out the purity in writing, sharing with love. Said with so little yet so powerful. Lovely piece.

    • Haunted? Sounds like there is still some pain there? I thought I wouldn’t write without them to inspire me. But the essence of what we had, the emotion that inspired me, is still there. Thankfully! You sound like a kindred spirit 🙂

      • I started writing privately. Love letters and poetry. And when it ended, it helped me get the pain out (and the horniness). You sound like a cool chica though. Hope you have twitter or Skype X

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