Liquid Rips

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Clouds fight to hold back the light

Cracks tearing through their fabric

Spilling day’s final radiance

Stand tall

Throw back your head

And breath in this unique show

Before a final shift and the clouds

Have swallowed it whole again

Leaving only the muting of the day




This was inspired by the sunset last night as I was out walking listening to Post Rock music. Five minutes later and it had completely clouded over again.  Nature really is amazing.

Without The Mask

If I stand in front of you,

No make-up,

Hair tied back,

I’m showing you me,

The real me.

With my lanky soul.

A glance or word,

Could cause my destruction.

There is no ultimatum,

Just the desire,

To stand,

In front of you,

Without the mask.


This week the Three Word Wednesday’s prompt words were ultimatum, destruction and lanky

My Breath My Soul


I know I will never be your muse

Instead I look outward

To the world around

Trying to capture things that inspire me

To put them into ink

A bouquet of letters

My tribute

Joining us briefly

I could never be penitent

About my thoughts for you

They are my breath my soul now

And I have to believe

That these small touches

Do get through






It’s been a while, but this week I thought I’d try and get back into the Three Word Wednesday prompt again. This week the prompt words were believe, penitent and tribute