A bee hung in the air, the blur at its sides the only hint of how it was floating there. Or maybe it was the treacle warm air holding it in place? The stickiness certainly held her on the picnic blanket. Rolling slowly onto her back, eyes squinting, they picked out the vapour trails from a plane as it slowly carved up the sky. Somewhere on this planet he could be looking up as well. It’s what they used to do, summers past. Even in this type of heat they would have been lying close, the need for touch greater then anything the sun could throw at them.

The bee suddenly zigged to one side, dipping down onto a flower. Amongst the bird call and solo cricket, the bee was now a  muffled buzz as it shuffled around, bum wiggling in the sun. A slow sigh escaped, adding heat to the surrounding air as she closed her eyes, letting the sun play across her skin. Letting it build to a level she almost couldn’t cope with…then the slight breeze chased across, stealing the intensity and replacing it with goosebumps. She bit her lip as she lost herself in the thought, remembering how the brush of his hands had once done the same.

He watched her from the window, as she lay half shaded by the palm tree, probably asleep. Her skin was starting to redden and he wondered where the suncream was. As he turned to go, a bee buzzed against the glass and he tutted at how stupid bees were. They obviously couldn’t see what was right under their nose.