So Let Yourself Fall A Little In Love


Why do you run

He often asked.

She would smile

And dance on

Calling over her shoulder

“I’ll tell you one day.”

She knew why

But he would never understand

The world called to her

Revealing itself in tiny parts

Together they were bound

Like lovers

To explore and be discovered

The world will show you her secrets

If you take the time to look

Open yourself to everything

With no boundaries to hold you back

Let yourself get lost

For there is only one world

And only one life.

So let yourself go

And fall a little in love

Running Her Fingers Over Words

Running her fingers over his words
She thought she could
See his soul in them
But now she’s not so sure
Everything feels a lie
Or maybe she saw
What she wanted to see
Without belief and trust
How can she stay
All she knows for certain
Is it hurts
The flames lick the edges
Eating the physical words
Ashes floating on the wind
If only it was as easy
To remove the tattooed words
But they would be a reminder
Of why she made good her promise

Watching The Girl In The Mirror

photo (1)


watching the girl in the mirror

tracing each line of her face

seeing the way the light falls and hides

familiar yet a stranger

she lives life flipped backwards

a pawn caught in your game

slowly shrinking away

but she’s had enough

so she’s climbed through

now true to herself

growing taller on her own path

not the one others think she should have

she no longer looks in the mirror

just inside her own heart