Hold The Light

Never doubt yourself,
Or hide away.
Look for the positive.
The adventure.
Cut the time wasters,
From your life.
Hold the light,
Not the dancing shadows
It casts.
For you are beautiful.



This week the Carry On Tuesday’s prompt was “Life isn’t about what happens to you, it’s about how you handle what happens.” a line from The Smoke Jumper by Nicolas Evans.

The Housewife


She hoovered the same section of the rug, watching the fur change direction with each aggressive sweep. Dark balls of fluff from his socks stubbornly clung to the the base of the fibres.

“Stupid sheepskin rug” she muttered under her breath.

It was his idea to get it. She hadn’t wanted it. So of course it had been bought and she was the one who ended up looking after and cleaning it. Like most of the things in the house. Nothing was her choice, she was just the caretaker. He was right though, she didn’t have much taste, she was the practical one out of the pair of them. Her view was that if something was needed for a certain function then they should get it, but only if it would reduce her work load, not add to it. And everything he chose seemed to add to to it. A new toy for him to admire until the next new interest.

With the kids finally out of the house, she should be out enjoying her freedom. Hadn’t she done her time?

But no. She was trapped like the balls of fluff in this stupid carpet.

She gave up and switched the vacuum off. She just wouldn’t look at it, that’s all. Close her eyes to the grubby rug that taunted her.

Now what else was on the list he had given her this morning. Oh yes, to phone the jewellers to see if his watch had been mended. She ran her hand though her tied-up hair, loosening it slightly, strands falling to her shoulders.

Instead she applied her lipstick and picked up her handbag. Car keys jingling in her hand, she carefully locked the front door behind her and set off. Where too she wasn’t sure.

She’d know when she got there.