I Fall Silent

Your words cut me
Leaving me numb
I don’t know what to say
Every subject a hazard
To be judged by
I fall silent
So as not to endanger myself more
I looked into your soul
And accepted you inside and out
But you never knew me at all

This week the Wednesday Three Word prompts were cut, endanger and hazard.

The Gateway

Softly through the gate
A single garment
With each step
We peel away the layers
To share our souls

And when the reverence
Is complete
We will lie in our tangle
The world created and held
Within our arms

The Runaway

If I left would you notice?

My thoughts drum,

With the rain.

My instinct to go,

To run away

Is very strong today.

So I’ll box up my heart,

Seal it tight,

And slip away.



I’m trying a new prompt website today called Carry On Tuesday. Their prompt today is the line “Rain, rain go away.”