I’m falling headlong and deep.
The thought of you,
Fogs my heart.
I doodle your name
Across it.
There are days when this is enough.
But today….
Today I struggle,
At being a shadow girl.
I should not be so lenient.
Time to wipe the heart clean.

This week the prompt words for the Three Word Wednesday were fog, struggle and lenient.

Kissing Frankenstein And Other Stories


May saw the launch of the first International Flash Fiction Day. In the run up to the celebrations, Rachel Carter set up a blog to gather a collection of flash from writers based in the South West.  After selecting the best, ‘Kissing Frankenstein and Other Stories’ was published on the day as part of the celebrations – forty writers, one book, with stories varying in length from six words to a thousand.

I was excited to get my hands on this book as I’ve always loved flash fiction. To my mind they are concentrated, highly polished gems to dip into. With limited space, each word has to count. A skilled flash should be arranged in such an effortless way that the words look like pebbles falling into randomly pleasing positions.

The stories cover a wide range of subjects from aliens to fruit to love. There should be something in there for everyone! You can sit down and plough through them in one sitting or, as I did, read them one or two at a time to fit into my hectic life… A ten minute wait to pick up a child? Five minutes of peace as they all play nicely? Waiting for the water to boil as you cook dinner? A reward for finishing your work? There is a story to slip into and deliciously savour. One of my favourite lines/images is from ‘Ripening’ by Martha Williams “I lower, like a breast after a sigh.”

Of course I have other favourites but I’ll let you pick your own.

Close Your Eyes

This poem was inspired by a song I was listening to yesterday – King My Queen by Followed By Ghosts 



Close your eyes.

Let the splashes of colour,

Pulse through you.

Pictures swirl and change,

Ebbing and flowing with the riffs.

A light grows inside you,

Feel it’s warmth touching your skin.

Filling you completely,

Lifting you weightlessly,

Transporting you from this place.

Take my hand,

Come with me.