Rigging jingle against masts,
High notes over low rumbling sea,
And plaintive gulls.
This is where we first came,
Amongst the saltiness and weathering.
Your hand brushing against mine.
Our love like the clouds,
Galloping along in the wind.
An error they said.
But I wouldn’t change a thing.
I wouldn’t be the person I am now,
See the world with these eyes,
This heart.
And that,
To me,
Is vindication.

The words for this week’s Three Word Wednesday are jingle, error and vindicate

Summer Rain

Hold my hand.
Catch your breath.
Let me brush the wet hair,
from your face.
I ache from the laughter,
The mad giddiness,
You fill me with,
Till all I see is you,
Only you.
And taste your kiss
Amongst the rain.

Falling For You

I fall,
Pulling you with me.
Let me be your world,
Your sun, moon and stars.
Bury your face in my neck,
Tangle your fingers in my hair,
Feel my breath on your skin,
My legs wrapped round your body.
I know I can not keep you,
But for this moment,
In this bed,
We are all that we need.

The Enigma

She was his enigma,
A perfect wall of restrained elegance.
He watched her eyes closely for clues,
Saw the thoughts swirling like eddies;
Flashes of solar flares.
At what,
He wasn’t sure.
He only hoped that his name,
Was amongst it all.

Tick Tock

A clock ticked loudly close by. It was annoying as she didn’t have a clock. Well one that ticked. And as she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep, crocodiles swam across her dreams.