Note In A Bottle

I’m writing you a note,
And I’ll pop it in a bottle,
As I won’t be here any more.
But the words I roll around my fingers
Usually so easily…falter.
Numbness has filled my mind,
My body is weary.
And all I want to do is sleep.
To escape this world.
Your kiss first woke me,
Your indifference now breaks me.
And I am gone.

Lost Muse

Beautiful muse
You’ve turned away from me.
I catch snatches of your laughter,
But I’m falling.
You’ve let me go.
No longer wrapped in your strong arms,
Did I ever really have you?
Tears tumble.
I’m scared.
How can I find you again,
Beg you to take me back?
Or can I do this on my own?

The Secret Bearer

She walks the land
The secret bearer
Always moving
Pausing only to help others
She listens to their secrets
Whispered in her ear
Their lowered eyes
Too scared to look at the
Personification of their guilt
So she keeps moving
Always with people
But forever lonely

Her Sunset


He was her sunset;
Intense and breathtaking,
An all consuming ball of fire,
Until he finally faded into the cold night.
Looking up at the stars,
She counted the pinpricks of light,
These tiny planets no replacement,
While she waited for the sun to rise again.