Sleeping Beauty

No longer does she lumber,
Asleep through her day.
This Sleeping Beauty was woken,
By a word, a glance, a smile.
Her heart and body may be a wreck,
But the world has flicked to colour.
She breathes it in, 
Eyes looking up.
Tiny bubbles of pleasure,
Grow and blot the pain.
And she is thankful to be living again. 

To my muse. Thank you.

The three prompt words this week were bubble, wreck and lumber.

A Sliver Memory


Running downhill in the rain,
Breathlessly happy,
Hand in hand,
Hair and clothes plastered to our bodies.
People snuggled in their coats,
Battling with their umbrellas,
Glaring at us freaks.
A sliver memory of you,
Snags my heart.

The three words for this week were Freak, Sliver, Downhill.

To Sleep

And so to bed

To sleep with hope to dream

Of heads on pillows

Hands entwined

My reflection in your eyes

Stars fluttering above our heads

Stillness where you can hear the trees sigh

Soft rain that kisses your face

The quiet where you can…just…be

Sleep tight my darling.