New Year Resolution


Shattered heart on the ground
I look but don’t feel
Resolutions will be made
This life can not be sustained
Demolish the old
Rise from the broken
Let the hand of the clock
Sweep across the invisible line
Start afresh
Transform my life
And resolve to do better.


The Three Word Wednesday’s prompt words this week were demolish, resolution and transform. Very apt for the end of the year.

Rainbows, String And Sealing Wax

I found a rainbow in my pocket,

All tangled up in string and sealing wax,

Mixed up with fluff covered storm clouds.

Untwisting and brushing them off,

I flood your world.


I shook the stars out of my hair,

Sprinkling them on frosty grass.

A carpet of sparkles at your feet.

Joy and sadness spun my tears,

Weaving them to wrap you in.


My darling, I would do all this for you.