Grass Between Her Toes


Sitting in the moonlight

Lights flickering at her feet

Trying to muster her thoughts

To hitch her heart and mind together

To make the right choice


She drank to him

In the silence

On the hill

Grass between her toes

Whispering her answer to the wind


This week the Three Word Wednesday prompt words were drank, hitch and muster.



11 thoughts on “Grass Between Her Toes

    • Hi Alice! I already read and commented on yours. I liked the ending! As for mine, she wishes he could be, that’s half the problem with trying to decide what to do. I’m taking part in nanowrimo and the protagonist in that is trying to get over a bad relationship, hence this poem. 🙂

      • LOL. Sorry about the “please read” thing. I was actually over here reading about the same time you were commenting, and hadn’t seen your comment yet.

        This is a great way to get into your character. The feelings come across great.

        What name are you on NaNo under? I can’t find you there. I’m under Alice Audrey.

      • haha! Not a problem, I’m on as tamsinjupp. I’d look for you, but I’ve failed miserably finding others on there. It’s not the easiest website to navigate. Fingers crossed you can find me. 🙂

  1. oh i love that!!.. there is nothing like a hill and a toast to put everything into perspective… it is a place of beauty and honor and spirit filled clouds… yeah, that’s what i got outta that awesome poem!! .. ok i got a little over excited..

    • Wow! Ms Pie! I love your comment! Yes I love sitting up on hill watching the clouds roll by, or in the dark and seeing the tiny lights scattered about, thinking about the stories that lie behind them. 🙂

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