One More Day

“It gets easier with time” he mumbled
Next to me, but already gone.
The words penetrated slowly,
My distress a drag for him.

This week the Wednesday Three Word Prompt words are Mumble, Penetrate and Drag.


15 thoughts on “One More Day

  1. less dark than ThomG’s, but more in touch with my personal experiences. Nothing is quite so painful as losing someone and knowing it as or before it is happening. “It gets easier with time.” Are you sure about that?

    • lovely feedback Stewart, I’ll have to look at ThomG’s. I try not to look before I write, or I get sidetracked! That’s what he’s trying to convince her, to ease his conscience, but I do think in time you do move on. It still might hurt, but you live to fight another day. Don’t you think?

    • Thank you Shauna! I loved the poem you wrote with the three words. It’s what’s great about doing this Wednesday prompt, you get to read new things and see the world in a slightly different light.

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