Wedding Petals

This month, my writers group had to write an autobiography of ‘anything’.  The idea being that everyday objects/ things have a story hidden in them. We then had to write a life story of one of those “things”.

This is the poem it inspired:

Wedding Petals

The bud emerges shielded in green.

Slowly layers slip down her shoulders,

Until she stands proud in all her glory.

Ripples of elegant white,

Perfumed for her her grand entrance.

A hand reaches, deft in touch,

Separating her with a single stroke.

She didn’t feel it coming.

Her sisters are nestled beside her,

As daylight is slowly smothered.

Heat and dark.

Moisture leaches from her being,

Until only a fragrant ghost remains.

Then more hands, tearing her asunder,

Placing the delicate remains in a box.

A sweaty hand, swoops her fragments,

Releasing her for one last flurry.

Her curtain call of waxy grace.


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