hair, hair, flow it, show it

At the swimming pool, while I was waiting to set off on a length,  a man stood up in the lane next to me.  It was the sudden and surprising movement that caused me to look round.  Then all I could see was the hair. 

If I’d been in a cartoon, my eyes would have popped out on stalks and my jaw hit the ground with the sound effect they use for falling anvils.  As it was, hooters started sounding off in my head and I sank further down into the water to try and make myself less visible as I stared.  From the tops of his shoulders to (what I could see through distorting water) the top of his trunks was hair.  Not unusual I know, but what was so spectacular was that the hair grew in perfect curls.  If it was longer, they would have been perfect ringlets.  His back was a carpet of little “O”s, swirling and whirling over his back.  It reminded me of those 60’s carpets that some pubs still favour.

I doff my hat to the man who doesn’t care what society sees as the norm.  Just so long as I don’t have to touch it….


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