like I just stepped out of a salon….

The woman trots across the asphalt, black, long hair swishing as she moves.  Her four inch, steel covered stiletto heels throw her weight forward, causing her back to arch and her bum to stick out.  The whole impression is of an excited pony.  Skidding to a halt she joins her friends.  Although her body is now still, movement continues with her head, as every so often it jerks to one side, in an exaggerated flick of hair. Or she’ll laugh, throwing her head back with a little shake, causing her hair to shimmy across her back.  Just as a horse does to flick off the flies.

As I pass, I glance back to see her from the front.  The woman’s hair is dyed blond in an inch thick section either side of her face and along her fringe.  It’s in stark contrast to the black and I’m strangely reminded of a football goal post.

hair, hair, flow it, show it

At the swimming pool, while I was waiting to set off on a length,  a man stood up in the lane next to me.  It was the sudden and surprising movement that caused me to look round.  Then all I could see was the hair. 

If I’d been in a cartoon, my eyes would have popped out on stalks and my jaw hit the ground with the sound effect they use for falling anvils.  As it was, hooters started sounding off in my head and I sank further down into the water to try and make myself less visible as I stared.  From the tops of his shoulders to (what I could see through distorting water) the top of his trunks was hair.  Not unusual I know, but what was so spectacular was that the hair grew in perfect curls.  If it was longer, they would have been perfect ringlets.  His back was a carpet of little “O”s, swirling and whirling over his back.  It reminded me of those 60’s carpets that some pubs still favour.

I doff my hat to the man who doesn’t care what society sees as the norm.  Just so long as I don’t have to touch it….

baby steps

If you saw two people sitting in a car, every day, what would you think?  It’s not always the same car, and it’s not always the same people but it is always the same place and time.  They obviously have to sit there for a long time as they read books, work on their computer, sew and have been known to do hobby craft things.  It was the box of bits and glue that first caught my attention as I walked past and glanced in the car window.  I mean, who sits in their car, gluing?

The man sits in the drivers seat and the woman sits in the back, diagonally opposite.  This has been going on for about six months now and yesterday was the first day that I saw the woman in full view walking down the road to the car.  She was wearing an office pass round her neck, ID section turned inwards so I couldn’t see her name or the company logo and on the belt loop of her trousers,  dangled a bottle of anti-bacterial hand wash.

So if you saw two people sitting in a car, every day, what would you think?

I’m sure there is a fun short story in there, but I think in this case the truth is stranger then fiction.