Last two days these words have come back to haunt me. 

Each RT and like a reminder of you,

A reminder you’re now missing. 

You were my muse. 

For years you were in every word I wrote,

You gave them a heart. 


Showed me how to look for the layers. 

And you’ll probably still be in there, 

Because you’re habit now. 

You were a match,

But I’m burning on my own now. 

And for that I’m grateful. 

Flirty Thoughts

That moment, when you catch a glance in their review mirror. Then a longer look. And you both set off from the lights with that smile. You know the one. Him a little faster to see if you want to keep up. Can keep up. A flirty drive. Passing and being passed. Feeling the bite as you accelerate up through the gears. Sitting on such power and guiding it with your hands. Windows open, hair tugging and being whipped but you don’t care. And you won’t care when you stop and it’s a tangled mess.