Pressed Moment

A moment pressed between my life pages.
I took the youngest with me and the dog for a dusk walk the other night. She was anxious at him being off the lead, convinced he’d run away. No matter how many times I tried to reassure her, anxiety clawed in tighter. So I changed tack. I pretended that the dog was talking as he raced around, sniffing everything. I gave her a dog running commentary as he sniffed for fairies. Because that’s obviously what he was searching for, it was dusk after all and perfect fairy spotting time. So we both joined in his search. And her laugh. Pure joy. I love her laugh and do pretty much anything to hear it. So we wove in and out of fields and woods, amongst the light, laughing. As we headed home, dog having behaved in an exemplary manner, the kid had left her worries behind, we’d exercised legs and imagination and I was grateful for this moment. This slice of time. I’m going to hold onto it tight and press it amongst these pages.